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Professional Summary

I'm working in this industry for 10 years. It's been an amazing experience learning new things, get trained each year to upskill my knowledge and add a feather in my cap with new course certification. Confabulating with people across the platforms, connecting with a positive vibe has been the biggest self-motivation to be in the industry and grow. My forte is Spoken English Training, Communication Training, Interview skills and Springing Up the Vocabulary sessions. I'm glad I'm able to deliver my services to the masses and help them reach their goals.  


Content Writing     Time Management    Infographics Creation 
Social Media Approach    Communication skills    Language Coaching    Creative Initiatives   Business Etiquettes Office Etiquettes Team building Skills Leadership Skills

Work Experience

  • Hands-on training with practical training methods. 

  • Curating content as per the student requirement. 

  • Engaging participants to participate in the activities conducted. 

  • Personality Development - a skill-based customised training catered to the learners. 

  • Working on creating content related to my niche of training and self-development through blog writing, creative making and guided video learning on IGTV @ritzyradhika

  • Following the guidelines of the Institutes to get the desired results from the learners. 

  • Conducting Online free sessions in the lockdown zone to help the learners benefit from the content delivered. 

  • Making a customised course structure for online learners to achieve their target in the professional exam like IELTS or cracking an Interview online. 

  • Giving structured feedback to the learners to better their performance. 

  • Creating cutomised content for client side as per the requirement. Topics include Soft Skills anf Language Coaching. ( Communication Training, Business E-mail Etiquettes, Office Etiquettes, Business English for levelling up the communiction, Vocabulary Enhancement Online Sessions activity based skill learning)

Education and Certifications

Master Training for IELTS

Master of Computer Applications

Bachelor of Computer Applications


I have a zeal of learning about different cultures and finding communities in the things that we do here in India. I believe in 'a small change can bring a big difference to society and an individual'. I love experimenting in cooking and I easily get engrossed in shopping and planning the outfits in my head for the upcoming events. Talking to house plants and animals (pets of course) is my another hidden secret which isn't a secret anymore. Hovering over unique words, taking screenshots and googling them is the all-time favourite interest that I quench more often. 

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